Prosthetics are the new accessories

11 Dec 2015 – Viktoria Modesta is a bionic pop-artist. She is born with some troubles, but due to doctor’s negligence, the troubles led to problems with her left leg. Her left leg needed to be amputated for her own future health. Now she sees it as a challenge for the modern perception of altered beauty. She created a platform in the mainstream pop-culture. The time for ethical discussions around disability must be over.

In the video clip above, Viktoria Modesta wears different kind of prosthetics. They all looks very modern and hip. In the past, the prosthetics were made of wood. Later they came with realistic prosthetics to let it look like real limb. With the technology nowadays, there are all kind of new futuristic prothethics.

history prosthetic wooden prosthethic in history

standard prosthetics realistic looking prosthethics

 modern prosthetic robot prosthetic3D printed prosthetic
the modern kind of futuristic prosthethics

With the technology nowadays, there can be played with 3D printer. Also there are so much more abilities to fabricage futuristic looking prosthethics. The new possibilities for making a good looking prosthethics gives people with a missing limb a chance to be happy with their disability.

In the past, if you missed a limb, you just have to deal with it. People are looking disgusting at it and sees you as a disable person, because they are scared of the part were the limb is missing. They are not used to see something like that. Most people with a missing limb are ashamed with their body. Now people can be proud with a missing limb to show everybody, because there is more and more technology which can give you a futuristic limb. Every people with a missing limb can also distinguish from others with their identity by wearing different models of prosthetics.

With Viktoria Modesta in the pop-culture and all her beautiful prosthethics, she can be a rolemodel for a world with new modern prothetics which all can be seen as jewelry.

light prostheticViktoria_Modesta2 Viktoria_Modesta1

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