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1 Oct 2016 – More and more people are born and lives longer. All those people need food, water and electricity, but there is only one world with limited sources to feed or clean us all. Not only we need sources from the earth to make life possible, but sources from the earth aren’t infinite and humans waste a lot of the earth resources, which makes earth resources running out. We need solutions if we all wants to live healthy on earth in the future. Fortunately there are great ideas possible to keep the earth clean. Often in buildings, products or in transport in order to generate power, but also to counteract wasting of humans.


1. EWICON bladeless wind turbine
Dutch researchers developed a system without moving parts to generate electricity by catching water drops, like wind exists of damp. The windmill without blades, The EWICON, are in many different shapes and can be put by buildings, in parks, in sea or on roofs. The EWICON exists of electrodes, which continually is positively-charged and creates an electric field. (GizMag)


2. CorPower Ocean
Another energy generating system, the CorPower Ocean is inspired by the pumping of the human heart. It drives at waves and absorbs the wave energy into the geared drivetrain. The drivetrain convert waves into rotation of a spin wheel underneath the waves and every rotating generates energy. (Idea connection)

corpower ocean 1   corpower ocean 2

3. WeCup
At least, we have to make world a cleaner and better place with starting by yourself. Maybe with some help, like the WeCup. It’s an installing consists of two tubes with glowing light in green on the bottom. Above each tube hangs a statement, like “Bring back Elvis” vs. “Bring back Michael”. It works like a polling system, which makes littering become a competitive game and more easy and fun. (Fast Co Design)


1. Le Projet Triangle
Architects Herzog and de Meuron suggests to build higher buildings in a triangular way instead of a rectangular to prevent shadow on surroundings, which makes more light and air in neighbouring possible for generating natural energy. (iGreenSpot)

triangular building1  triangular building2

2. Dutch Windwheel
With collaboration of the Dutch designers from the EWICON, Rotterdam is going to build a Dutch Windwheel nearby the popular Erasmus bridge. It must become a sustainable icon of the future. The Dutch Windwheel has in the centre an EWICON system, which turns damp from the wind into electricity. In the ring apartments, hotels, restaurants will be built-in.  Also there will be a sightseeing panoramic wheel function, to look out over Rotterdam city or under water in the river. In the ring aren’t only tourism attractions, but the building has also sustainable functions beside EWICON:
– It can capture rain water and the rain water can be used in the building as toilet water.
– It can tap water from the river to turn into shower water.
– Organic air waste can be reproduced into biogas.
– The building as solar panels on top.
(Dutch Windwheel)

dutch windwheel 5 dutch windwheel 2 dutch windwheel 3 dutch windwheel 4

3. NRG+ Tourniket
Boon Edam is an organisation focuses on circular doors, people and the environment. They are the first who came with an environmentally friendly door, the NRG+ Tourniket. It saves energy, but also generates energy by people who walks in and out and turning the wings. (Boon Edam)

NRG+ Tourniket

The BEHA Plane

The plane is a crowdfunding project and very durable. BEHA stands for Bio Electric Hybrid Airplane, because it exists of two battery powered electric turbines with solar panels, wind turbines and biodiesel engine. What makes it semi bio electric. The aircraft has more wings, because the more sun can be catch on the solar panels the better, the plane batteries can be recharged.

beha plane

Trend & Future

All these solutions, how to generate free energy are hopeful for the future. With already a lack of space, such solution as the EWICON is ideally. It requires less maintenance, because of no moving parts and no moving parts is no noise or flickering shadows.

The Dutch WindWheel and buildings in a triangular way are signs of urban improvements for a succesful city, in a sense of scale. Also wealth is boring and initiatives like the Dutch WindWheel and triangular buildings makes city 24h dynamic.

Free energy is really becoming important for the future. Maybe in the future we will live with only free generated energy and no more from earth resources as petroleum. When the city only exists of energy generating doors in buildings, solar powered street lanterns, energy generating bicycle path and everything listed above.

Fortunately, most prototypes products or buildings suits to urban areas and even makes the city more dynamic. With on every corner a WeCup installing, the place around us will become cleaner without our awareness by throwing trash away and living on earth with only free generating buildings or materials, we will live more sustainable without even our awareness. How great would that be!


Een gedachte over “Free Energy Everywhere

  1. Did you know that Romania has a technical solution with the highest efficiency to capture wave power?.
    Patent 108893 entitled Dynamic Engine for Sea Wave Energy Catching. A pioneering invention. It is estimated that “dynamic engine” has the ability to catching wave energy at a rate of over 80% while the other technical solutions known worldwide, are not able to capture wave energy with a higher percentage of about 10-15%.
    Cosma Vasile Romania.

    Some information for patent “Dynamic Engine” can be found on:
    – Ocean energy: Wave energy | Climate TechWiki
    – “First Wave Energy Device Connected to Power Grid | Science”

    Link for patent “Dynamic Engine”

    Klik om toegang te krijgen tot 108893.pdf


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