Process of realising an own concept


Throughout my study I have done a lot of projects for real clients. I have learned a lot and now it was time to come up with an own concept to realise into a real product or service.

The result of the realisation of the product you can find on this Facebook page Grijs Gespeeld. I was part of this project with 5 another project members. And we launched a game, called Grijs Haar Wijs Haar, which can be played by people with dementia. The game was on sale. After the project ended, we stopped selling it.We tested three

Before this product became alive, there was a process of research, analysis, brainstorm sessions and concept tests. All of it was an iterative process. After the research, we came up with many different ideas. For example a GPS-tracker and how to implement it. We taught of putting GPS-tracker in their precious jewellery, like a wedding ring or necklace. Or implement the tracker in a button, which could be easily put on and off. The second idea was a knit which turns warm after someone else who wears it too, touch it (for the feeling of a hug). At last, we had 3 different ideas of games. The outcome of the test with the target audience was a lot of feedback on every game converged into one game.


Click here for the conceptbook Grijs Gespeeld.


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