My name is Lennie, I started to wrestle with titles and roles that describe what I do and the multi-disciplinary way I do it.

I am a trendwatcher and conceptdeveloper who loves to design. In addition to trends I spot as a lifestyle detective, I develop concepts to strenghten organizations as returning meaningful concepts or concept improvements to give mentality groups a higher Quality of Life.

A trend can be defines as the direction in which something tends to move and which has a consequential impact on culture, society or business sector through which it moves.” – Martin Raymond

I spend time detecting patterns or shifts in attitudes, mindsets or lifestyle opinions, that run against current thinking or how people normally behave, live, communicate and trade. Those patterns I find everywhere by looking around online as offline are both my sources. Besides, I focus on sector subjects as health, leisure, appearance, food, human movement and living. To get a better insight in trends, lifestyles of mentality groups, sectors, relevant potential organizations to work with, I come up with improvements in concepts to create a higher Quality of Life for users.

As a lifestyle professional I want to make a change in the world. Positive for nature and human beings.

I can help you with:
culture-icon trend insights for your business
technology-icon concept improvements (product or service)
traveling-icon feedback on your product or service
design-icon design stuff for you
architecture-icon build a website for you


Don’t hesitate to send me a message!

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