Ugly is the new beauty

15 Jan 2015 – In Londen a female student started a feminist society on a student party from an university in London. We don’t know if it was disparaging, men’s sense of humor or misogyny (not liking yourself). But something unexpected happened…

Members of a stand on the student party didn’t let it go and react on it by taking ugly faces selfies and sent snapchats with #uglygirlsclub. It didn’t take long and everybody joined the club. People posted on Twitter and Facebook. It went viral worldwide and even boys and men were joining the ugly girls club, because #uglygirlsclub are we all.

Because the members of the stand on the student party get evoked feelings, they reacted on the female student by beginning a digital trend by snapchatting. To stand against her, disparaging, men’s sense of humor or misogyny, they didn’t wanted to fit in the feminist society, to look beautiful or perfect. They didn’t care about their looks. Maybe that’s why they wanted to take selfies of ugly faces from their selves.

In the meantime there are a lot of feminist societies on universities in America, Canada and even Australia. Later, Oklahoma joined too. Because of the ugly girls club, the feminist societies starts growing. Maybe there’s in the future more feminist societies and ugly girls clubs all over the world.

Source: Universe, 8 January 2015, p4


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