Earn money by renting out your bike

18 Jan 2015 – With the explosive progress of the internet, there’s more and more an upcoming sharing economy trend, which combine togetherness & inline. Where apps arise from, like Uber, Peerby,Made by Guru, Rent the Runway, AirBnB, DogVacay, FON and SideCar. But none of them has to do with something sportive. Well, I found Spinlister. Pretty close.

What is it?
Spinlister is an online platform, where people can share their bike, surfboard or snowboard with random other people who wants to rent one. So you will be inspired to take the bike instead of car. Maybe, you haven’t ever surfed or snowboarded. With this app, it will get easier to try onces, because it’s a waste if you buy a surfboard or snowboard and you don’t even like it.

Why is it cool?
Some people don’t often goes on wintersport and snowboards aren’t cheap! Nearby the sea and you wants to surf, but you didn’t bring your own surfboard with or the sea is just too far from where you live? Or what if you’re out of town and you just need a bike? Rent one! It’s cheaper and probably closer then a shop where you can by one or rent one. Also, you don’t need to worry how to bring one with you from all the way home.

Sources: http://www.wired.com/2014/09/learning-how-to-share/ & http://www.forbes.com/pictures/eeji45emgkh/airbnb-snapgoods-and-12-more-pioneers-of-the-share-economy/


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