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18 Jan 2015 – People who are hard-of-hearing or deaf, can be healthy and they can live happily, but they live with a dysfunction in their body and that reduces their health. They don’t have the freedom of choice, where they for example, can go to concerts, operas or get called by others. Those people should also get a chance! Co-founder Oliver Jeanne is deaf and knows how it feels to be left-aside. You want to get called and invited too. So he came up with an app, called, RogerVoice.

What is it?
RogerVoice is an app you can download on your mobile phone, which helps you with voice calls. It transcribes the voice from the person on the other side into text, so the hard-of-hearing or deaf person can read what the other is saying. He or she can talk, but also can write something in the phone and the app RogerVoice will transcribe the text into voice.

Why is it cool?

With the app RogerVoice, you can be in touch with friends or colleagues and you will have more ways to get in contact with the person you like. You don’t have to miss the opportunity anymore. You will not have the feeling that you’re left-aside.

Trend – Togetherness & Inline
People who are hard-of-hearing or deaf, can’t be called. They are easily isolated by the community. They won’t be called, because people know, they can’t hear. Now hard-of hearing or deaf persons can be called by anyone. This brings people together. When someone is calling, it’s offline, because speaking in the phone, happens in real life. But the proces when the voice get transcribed into text is online. That happens on a device. That’s why this is inline, offline en online together.

The digitalization makes people come up with solutions for “disabilities” possible. This is one is just an example. I think those solutions can be a change maker in the long term, where disabilities wouldn’t be seen as disabilities anymore. Because there could be a technological solution for everything.

Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/olivierjeannel/rogervoice-phone-engaging-the-world-with-the-hard?ref=nav_search


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