A device that smells if your food is safe to eat or not

2 March 2015 – The chicken flesh I have bought last time didn’t look naturally pink anymore. But when I smell it, I didn’t smell anything suspicious. I don’t want to get sick, so I threw it away for my own safety. What’s a waste of the nature, my money and the space of my trash can. Something that can be really in handy for me is the device called The Smeller.

The Smeller is designed by Hee Tae Yang that can smell food and also it rotten process. The Smeller can analyses your food by one click and checks the scent with its scents database. The device can rates your food with very fresh, fresh, a bit rotten and rotten, which will let you know if your food is safe to eat or not.

the smeller

This technology is cool, because you can finally have confirmation in what status your food is with a digital device. A device that can scan your food and shows the condition of it. This device can give your lifestyle more comfort, when you don’t know when the product is rotten. Also by knowing in which status your food are, you can plan how you eat. What can help reducing food waste. The Smeller is also a solution for people whom olfactory doesn’t work.

The smeller2

Trend & Future
With The Smeller food waste can be reduced. In the future there can be less food thrown away if everyone only throw food away when it’s really rotten, which is good for the environment.

The trend that suits this technology, is Transparency. Because it can tell you the condition of your food by scanning it. What gives more transparency of the freshness of food. Your nose can’t always recognises if your food is still safe to eat or not. With the Smeller you can have confirmation about your food condition. No more doubt about throwing food away anymore!

Source: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/rotten-produce

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