Sushi Shop

16 Febr 2015 – Nowadays, everyone knows sushi and probable have ever made sushi by themselves. I have, and I know how sticky it is to make sushi, but it is so much fun! It is like my youth, where I crafted a lot. The Frenchman, Joël Robuchon is a real sushi man. He probably thought: why crafting with paper and scissors, why not with sushi? And so arose Sushi Shop.

What is it?
It is a sushi restaurant where the quality is above quantity. Their focus is on sushi. Everything in their shop has to do with sushi. They want the best products, like fish, vegetables etc. Especially fish, because the origin of sushi is only with fish. They can be called as specialists in sushi. They want to have the best sushi from the world. Not only by selling sushi, what most “sushi” restaurants do, like Sumo or Sushi Mall. Furthermore, Sumo and Sushi Mall do not only sell sushi, but also other products. By example: beef teriyaki, spring rolls, rice bowl etc. And the most sushi restaurants are with “All you can eat” concept. But Sushi Shop wants to be special. They want stand out of other “sushi” restaurants. The core of Sushi Shop is to make sushi as pieces of art. They makes sushi as a culinary dishes, designed as art.

The Sushi Shop fits also in the trend ‘authenticity’, because The Sushi Shop is the only restaurant, where the focus is really on the sushi. There is no other place in Antwerp, where the sushi have presented like Sushi Shop.

Price range: +++ (one sushi is  +/- €2)
Place: ♥ ♥
Interior: +++
Accessibility: ++



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