Super Natural Food

10 Febr 2015 – Sometimes times goes by too fast. But not in the super tiny and cosy Super Natural Food teahouse and restaurant. When you are there, you will definitely forget the time. And it’s not like a normal teahouse or restaurant, because they see you as family.

What is it?
It is a teahouse and a tiny restaurant in Antwerp. Where you can get real authentic Asian food and not Asian food that are specific created for the western people what they wants to eat. Super Natural Food only use 100% natural products for their food and the tea you can get there. They sells Donburi, rice bowls with authentic Japanese dishes. They not only sells Don Buri, but also side dishes, called Dim Sum, from Cantonese. They sell Mochi, Japanese rice cake made of rice and they sell 100% natural tea, with real flowers.

Why is it cool?
It is cool, because they’re themselves. They dare to make mistakes and offer their own Asian cultural dishes to western people. They follow the trend authenticity. The Asian girl who works there feels like she’s home and sees her guests as family and makes food like it’s for family. She is shy, dares to makes mistakes by serving the dishes and she make shy hops through the tiny and cosy restaurant. The staff looks all kind and helpful, they’re patient and it feels like you’re really a part of them. They do welcome you with a free ginger tea. And all the tea are really from 100% natural products. Instead of teabags, they use real flowers

Price range: ++ (+/- €5 for one pretty small rice bowl)
Place: ♥ ♥ ♥
Interior: +
Accessibility: +



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