Hair identity by men

27 Jan 2015 – When I look around I see more and more men knows how to dress themselves. They look more fashionable. They also experiment with their hair. Like they didn’t have enough with only a beard.

To be honest, I’ve never saw a man with a bright coloured beard in the past. Now I still don’t in real life, but only on the web. Colouring a beard can in so much styles, what helps by distinguishing from others. Men can colour the hair to match with clothing, like ombre for hair, it also possible for beard and why not rainbow beard with glitter?

Also on the street I see more and more men having a mini hair bun, like it’s a fashion statement. In the past, I thought, only wanderer or alcoholics were having long hair and a ponytail or a hair bun. But now I see a lot of young men, having a tight trimmed beard and looking fashionable by clothing. Also in the past the hair bun was something girly. It was normal for only girls and women to have long hair and a hair bun.

glitterbeard hair rainbow hair with beard match with cap match with glasses ombre hair

With the rise of internet and social media it’s accessible to post a picture of yourself on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook. And with all that transparency on the world wide web, the world became smaller. In other words, through digitalisation people are more and more looking for authenticity. They want to distinguish from others and maybe that’s why they want to colour their beard. Because that’s different from only colouring your hair.

leonardo dicaprio hair bun Leonardo Dicaprio with hair bun

In the past a hair bun was only acceptable and fashionable by women and girls. Now the shift is that men can have a hair bun too.



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