19 March 2015 – Nowadays, the web is exploding from social platforms. But we didn’t saw this coming.. A platform for only farmers.

WeFarm is an online platform for farmers all over the world. In 2009 Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation came with this idea. A platform for farmers where farmers can share their know-how and experience online with another farmers who also are using the online platform or through a SMS-service. Not every country has access to internet. Most farmers do have mobile phones. With a simple SMS, other farmers can be informed about farms. Text messages will automatically be translated.

A farmer who is an expert in milking cows couldn’t share his experience or discuss it with fellow farmers. Or maybe a farmer in Brazil wants to grow rice on his land, but doesn’t has any information about it. WeFarm wants to connect those farmers through an online platform. Now the Brazilian farmer can ask for knowledge about growing rice. And someone with experience, who is also on the online platform WeFarm, will share his experience. They can also start a collaboration.

wefarm 2

The group Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation wants to fight against poverty with funding from their earlier innovations. And before WeFarm there wasn’t any online knowledge sharing place for farmers. The group wants to create a better world by initiating innovation by farmers.

Trend & Future
This fits with the trend The Open World, transparency, collaboration and empowerment.
Transparency – The founders of WeFarm are telling their whole story from the beginning. How did the idea started and how did they made the idea became reality. In this video above from them, is clearly explained how the system of WeFarm works. The group Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation are very transparent about their concept.

Collaboration – On the platform WeFarm, farmers can socialize with other farmers and built their own farmer network. If farmers are sharing the same vision or having an own farm in the same region, they even can work together to produce better. In the future there will be no land or water have to be wasted for nothing by only lack of knowledge.

Empowerment – This platform creates a powerful source for farmers all over the world. Farmers are no longer alone with finding out the farming process. This will in the future gives farmers more opportunities to grow. With all the knowledge together, there is more power to expand or to explore something new, which may be a new breakthrough in the field of farming.

Source: http://www.extendlimits.nl/nieuws/artikel/wefarm_kennisplatform_voor_boeren & http://www.wefarm.info

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