Stay Zen… With a Headband

21 March 2015 – More and more people nowadays are in rush, because they take internet with them all day, they have less time to focus. They can’t enjoy what happens around them and that can cause stress. Stress isn’t healthy. Now there’s a Muse Brain Sensing Headband which eliminates all stress.

What is it?
When you’re meditating, it is hard to focus and keep your head empty. The headband will let you keep focused and let your head stay empty. It helps when you’re very stressfull. The Muse Brain Sensing Headband can let you focus in the here and now and helps reducing the stresslevel. So you will more enjoy from what happens around you. If everyone uses the Brain Sensing Headband, people will be more awared by everything around them and will be less bitter, curt and will show more sympathy.

Why is it cool?
It is cool, because you can do it on any time. You don’t need to go meditation class or yoga lessons. And it is amazing that The Muse Brain Sensing Headband can track your stresslevel and saves it for you in a device, like an smartphone or tablet. So you can see how your stresslevel is and keep it low. Above all, it is a technology linked to the ‘Quantified Self’.



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