Show your inner Green at Office

25 March 2015 – When you are working 40 hours a week at an office, you don’t see much daylight or the beautiful green around the building. There is an office revolution going on, making buildings greener, making offices produce less CO2, have more naturel daylight and a fresh vibe for more quality of life.

coolhunts food 3

Sean Cassidy and Joe Wilson are designers who wants sustainable offices in the future. Their design is a cubic on an office building with more green and more lights, because they stand out the building. In the cubic is a garden, where employees can meet together to do business or to grow and harvest their own food. The green nature and light helps promoting a healthier work environment.

coolhunts food 4

The designers Cassidy and Wilson: “We wanted to create a place where nature and man had a symbiotic relationship, and a place which promoted healthy living.”. Nowadays the most office are monotone and dark. Employees are mostly on their desk in the office. The indoor air quality is mostly poor from quality, which is unhealthy. With a green design and real nature, the poor indoor air quality can be reduced with all the green, which improve the environment in the office a lot.

Trend & Future
The trend that fits in here is The Open World, Empowerment. Employees can share with each other how to plant and harvest their food. They are also getting aware of green nature and that it’s indispensable. The green environment will also create a cosy and modern atmosphere, which create a better workplace.

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