11 April 2015 – My dream is to travel to a Scandinavian country, like Norway. Not only for all their beautiful, fresh and innovative living you can spot there, but also because of my bucket list. To see the Aurora Borealis. But before the time is right and that I have the money, there is a ‘more than a store’ with everything in a Scandinavian touch, more nearby me. It’s in Antwerp and is called MOOSE in the CITY.

What is it?
MOOSE in the CITY is a shop for living and clothes, a travel agency and an exhibit space in one. All with a Scandinavian touch. The travel agency is for when you want to book a trip to Scandinavian and you wants to go to exclusive places in Scandinavian. The staff knows all the best and secrets places there. The living shop is where you can buy things for the living. All in the style of Scandinavian. There is not only practical living products that you can find, but also very fashionable and innovative living products. They sell famous living products from the brand HAY and Muuto, but also sell living products from not famous brands. The shop for clothes is where you can buy warm and adventurous clothes, because it is cold in Scandinavian. You can not only buy clothes what you can wear in the cold Scandinavian, but also buy casual clothes, business-like for work, but also trendy winter clothes for the daily life, like fashionable sweaters, cardigans, winter coats etc.

Why is it cool?
It is cool because there are three things in one store. Like a shop for clothes, a shop for living and a total difference thing as travel agency in one place. Not only the differentiation is cool, but also the interior. For their store with a Scandinavian touch, they work together with the brand HAY, because HAY is a brand, which designs Danish living products. For the brand HAY, they follow the trend ‘flagship store’. Next to the MOOSE in the CITY entrée, is a door to the HAY store, but HAY is inside the MOOSE in the CITY store. There are furniture from HAY in the store of MOOSE in the CITY, where also the trend ‘living room society’ is related to, because the store feels like you’re in a Scandinavian living room. HAY is linked to the ‘flagship store’, because you first can see and feel the furniture, before you wants to buy. When you wants to buy, for example the couch, then you have to order it first. They also follow the trend ‘authenticity’. With the travel agency, they share the Scandinavian hotspots, they know by themselves. Only the staff knows a lot about Scandinavian and the hotspots. With their service as travel agency, they share their Scandinavian knowledge with customers. Also do they bring the Scandinavian culture to the customers by bringing Scandinavian clothes and living together. What’s very cool!

Price range: ++
Place: ♥ ♥ ♥
Interior: +++
Accessibility: +

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