Buildings Changes With U

26 April 2015 – If I go the nearest city, I don’t see more than two high building, less then 140 meters. Both are square and symmetric. Unfortunately for me, because I really like dynamic. But in Dubai, they have some real kick-ass building. The Rotating Tower by David Fisher, which really changing it shape constantly. I didn’t knew of its existence. What do we still have in store?


1. Cross-section elevators
Architects sees elevators and escalators as obstacles with designing. The ThyssenKrupp firm from Germany has developed an elevator system, which not only let elevator moves up and down, but also from left to right with a magnetic technology, called Maglev/Multi. With the lack of spaces in the future, there are more higher buildings needed. For architects, this system is a solution to design buildings. Because buildings also need to build more durable. When more people can be transported, the less is the footprint.

dynamic elevator


2. Transformer house
Daniel Woolfson and David Grunberg created the D*Haus, a house that can transform. It can shift or rotate, because different part of the house are on rails. The house is multifunctional to adjust to the weather conditions. The house has a lot of windows and can open up in a triangular to catch sunlight. When it’s cold, the house can move the parts together to keep the warmth from the sunlight inside.

3. Dynamic Glass
The company called View, developed Dynamic Glass. This glass are made for windows that works like sunglasses, but only when you want it. The Dynamic Glass can set crystal clear, but can also get dimmed for when the sun is too bright. This glass solves the glaring problem. But also sunblind aren’t needed anymore, which is better for the environment, where sunblind don’t needed to made anymore.

With the growing population and a lack of space in the future, architects need to build durable. But that isn’t easy. It must be a dilemma for architects to design a durable building for in the future, without the freedom of creating anything that give people space to live in and what’s durable. Architects had to think of many materials and how that can fit with their designs for buildings. With new technology as the cross-section elevators, the transformer house and durable solutions for the future (click here for my other blogpost), a new door is opened to future new buildings.

If the ideas for new dynamic ways of building and durable solutions are increasing, maybe our future town will be more dynamic as it is now. A lot of people willing to think out of the box with creating new possibilities in buildings, because of the increasing population.

One of the elements for a successful city is 24h dynamic. Where towns are built with dynamic skyscrapers and homes that are capable for the increasing population. All looking grit to be suitable for durability and space instead of always standard straight and symmetric. In the future with all the upcoming technology in building materials, we maybe can transform or customize our own houses or buildings in the future with one push on a button. Like the Transformer House or Dynamic Glass.

And in the future there will maybe no more fixed places for stores, offices or hotels, but everything in pop-up. There already is. Like pop-up stores and pop-up hotels. This suits also with the element for a succesful town, 24h dynamic. People are becoming more individual and have more freedom to go from one place to another place.

Last but not least, with all the upcoming technology in the constructions industry, new options in the constructions industry will become possible. Architects will have more freedom again to design buildings. On to a new metropolis!

Sources: NRC Next, Zwevend door de wolkenkrabber, 29 januari 2015, p12. & & &

Head picture: Badaro/Lebanon by Paul Kaloustian


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