Mind reader

2 May 2015 – How incredible it would be if people with paralysis can drive things on with their mind. Like opening a door or window, control the temperature in the house, closing the curtain or putting the tv on another channel. They will no longer need help from family or home care. That means also more privacy! Or increase your brain fitness & performances, by monitoring your health and wellbeing. It is all possible. Co-founder Tan Le has came with an amazing invention, called, Emotiv.

Why is it cool?
The Emotiv EPOC is handy for people with paralysis, who can drive things on with their mind. It is not only amazing for people with paralysis, but it will also don’t look bad on their head. They can with this technology do more things on their own. They will become more independece. How beautiful! Oh, and why not do we wear the Emotiv headset? I already see a beautiful lazy life in front of me. No more getting out of bed, when you’re sick.

It is hard to know the state of your health and wellbeing. Now the Emotiv Insight can monitor your brain and show you the results for how your health and wellbeing is. It is just incredible that a headset can read your mind, isn’t?

Trend – Toegetherness & Inline
What has it to do with togetherness, you think? Well, people with paralysis are very different from people who don’t know how it is to have paralysis. With this new technology, Emotiv EPOC, it will get easier to bring people with paralysis together with people who don’t have paralysis. It will get easier to understand people who have paralysis. Knowledge and inspirations could be shared between them, where new innovative ideas or solutions can be developed for people with paralysis.

The Emotiv Insight is a technology what can be linked to the trend ‘Quantified Self’, because the headset saves health data from your mind and base on that data, the Emotiv Insight headset will gave you advice how to improve your health. The Emotiv Insight can by example help employees in the future, because it is hard to prove to the employer what your state of health and wellbeing is.

Source: http://techcrunch.com/video/emotivs-new-neuro-headset/518294364/


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