High-Tech Sport Tools

13 May 2015 – Do you have any technological sport tool? Like a sportwatch or Google Glass? Maybe a workout app on one of your device is the only tool you’ve ever tried.  And maybe the only thing you could afford. But there is hope!

To mention just a few examples. Not much cheaper, but a good sign (you can read in the last paragraph):

IceTee – Multifunctional sportswear for running or activities, where you can overheat quickly. The IceTee t-shirt has cold pads in the back, in the armpit and around the neck to keep your body cool. Ideal in warm seasons for sporting outside.

Nike Tech Pack Collection – Has been around longer, but not to exclude, air circulating sportswear. Nike is leading when it comes to their techniques in sportswear. The Nike Tech Pack Collection has sportswear, which can circulate air in a new way. In a way that the clothing is breathing , calls Hyperfuse. The second sportswear in the collection is The Aeroshield, a lightweight protection for the clothing. Also there is Tech Aeroloft, whith that you can train in the cold, without getting cold.  At last there is Tech Fleece, it’s an evolution from the normal fleece. Thanks to the thermal construction that Nike developed, the fleece hold his warmth.


Antilope – Wearable Life Science, a German start-up designed a wearable suit that stimulates muscle with electrodes to increase workouts. They says that using 20 minutes the suits is the same as three hours training without the suit. That means that sports will be more effective with the suit.


Enko Shoes – Is an new type of running shoes. The Enko shoes looks at first look kinda strange, even a little scary, because there is shock absorption system on the back of the shoes. When a runner touches his shoes on the ground, the energy will be gone. With the system the energy stores up and lift the runner of his heel during the running proces. This makes running very efficient. Besides the innovative system, the shoe is also very light weight. The ENKO Shoes weights only 380 grams! The shoes has two modes to turn in to: Walking and Running.

Puncho – these are digital boxing gloves, with integrated high-tech system that reads and records the quality of your punch techniques. A flexible screen has been stitched near the outer wrist of the glove, making your statistics visible in the form of two numbers.

Puncho_02 Puncho_03

Lampuga – An special surfboard that is powered by electric jet propulsion system. To use the Lampuga surfboard the surfer gets a steering belt which also carries the accelerator throttle. The Lampuga is innovative because the maker uses clean material, that also makes the Lampuga very light. This gives this watersport a new dimension.

Fitbit surge – It’s a sports smartwatch. The smartwatch has some special sensors that can read your speed, pace and distance during the day or a sports activity. The Fitbit has some cool features, like real time pulse heartbeat, music controller and smart sensors knows when you are indoors or outdoors.


There are already a lot of workout apps available, check these below too. These are focusing on the trend togetherness to bring people more together with sport:

Workout Buddies – This is an app that makes exercising more fun by connecting online with other people who are at the same fitness level. Sharing the same sport interests and activities and challenge each other.

Hikewith.me – This one looks like Workout Buddies, but with the thought of a community. The app helps people connecting with the same adventure interests to go on adventure together. It makes it possible to get in contact with strangers face-to-face.

RunWith – With this app you can share your running results and where you can see other results. In the app you can also chat with other runners, so you can motivate each other.

Nowadays more and more is possible with technology. The knowledge and study in technology is infinite. The last few years technology has been seen as an opportunity for the sport industry to make moving more naturally and more fun.

New technological products in sport are increasing. It’s all just started. In the future we will see technological sportswear, gadgets and apps rise. I think, the human need to it has grown. Because of the knowledge society, we start craving for it, but don’t know how. Moving every day isn’t so obvious anymore. Mostly everyone has become kind of isolated by mobile devices. Struggles with friends to meet in real life to go to the gym, swimming pool or even the forest behind for a walk. But I think, we want it, but can’t. And technology with sport sounds like a good combi to us and will start a whole new generation where everyone will be moving again with help from the new technological sportswear, gadgets or apps.

Not only the sport industry will change in the future by this trend, but also the human movement in the city. The city will be more 24h dynamic where everybody Is moving with different types of sportswear, gadget or apps. It will be naturally again for people to move more outside to sport with all these new technologic sport tools. There will be more life on the street and with more people on the street, the city also needs more escape routes. And maybe there will be in the future more “sport” meeting places in the city, when all people with the same sport activity gather together.

Now we only have to win a lottery to buy everything. But no worries! Fortunately more and more sport tools are coming our way, which is hopeful. Maybe there will be in the future enough alternatives where we can even choose the affordable one to buy!

Sources: http://www.trendhunter.com/slideshow/march-2015-sports


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