These Eco-Transport You Want It All

14 May 2015 – In my dreams, I see flying cars in speed turbo with Daft Punk look a likes crossing on glowing electric surfboards in a busy city. Too busy, but nobody causes an accident. All the mobility in my dream fluently races around each other. But in my dreams, everything is possible. Well, maybe it will be no longer a dream…

Because of the growing population in the future, the world would be overpopulated. Buildings have to build up higher, so more people can get a living. There will be a lack in space. Transports have to adapt in the increasing shortage of space. Also, all those people have to travel from point A to point B. With the most current transport, the world would be an extremely polluted environment with the cO2 emissions. Transport have to become ecological if we still want a living here on earth.

Here are some examples of new ways of transport:

EcoReco – This is an lightweight eco-scooter, which is foldable and compact. Where you can go harder than a bike. The top speed is 30 km/h with help of electricity powered. The eco-scooter is rechargeable and has a quiet motor.

ecoreco-why0 (1)

IO Hawk – It’s functions like a Segway, but without the handlebars. The more space there will be and the less materials will be produces. Good for nature! The IO Hawk has also lights, which will make you almost shine on the street like the movie TRON.  The IO Hawk can be controlled with the motor, balance and your body pressure. Well, it costs $1800.

Gogoro Smartscooter – This incredible smart scooter is made in Taiwan and extremely good designed and very green. It’s pollution free and the smart scooter can be charged with batteries. In the scooter has a storage in the seat for two batteries. The batteries can be removed quickly by pulling it out under the seat for a quick and easy recharge. The batteries can be put in a charge adapter (like how it mostly works with the Tesla cars or SLR cameras). Check also the video below! More assets is the speed, it can go up to max 95 km/h and with flood, the scooter wouldn’t slow down. What an incredible invention!

FlipCrown – In the growing shortage of space, this is a solution for all cyclist lovers. The handlebars can be flipped flat with the length of the bike, which makes it possible to place all bicycles to each other or against the wall. And can be removed more quickly without annoying sticking handlebars to other handlebars.


Loopwheels – The person behind the Loopwheels is Pearce. The Loopwheels are made so that they can absorb shocks and makes riding smoother. I think the movie below visuals it better:

Volvo LifePaint – With all those transport, we need safety on the road. This can be a solution in the future. With invisible spray paint, cyclistst can glow in the dark. But also athletes or hikers can be paint with the invisible paint.


Most of the new transport are ecological and good for the future. It wouldn’t damage the air in the city without reducing the mobility in a city. The range of the offer are different and will become more widely in the future, which makes it possible for everyone to choose their own way to travel from one side to another.

This cause a more 24h dynamic in the city, because there will be no monotony in transport. All different kind of people glows in the dark by going from point A to B and all these eco-transport will let people travel without polluting the environment. But also the non-electronic transport Loopwheels makes cycling on obstacles, which are a lot in a city, much and much more easy and fun. Maybe there will be in the future with Volvo LifePaint an Loopwheels no more bicycle path, because the Loopwheels will makes it possible to go up or down any obstacle without getting unseen with the Volvo LifePaint.

With the EcoReco, IO Hawk and FlipCrown, more space can be taken, because of the compact designed transport. In the future with more population going to the city, more space is also needed. These transport are good solutions for the future urbanities.

I can’t wait for this new era of mobility becomes reality. I keep dreaming.


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