Run for your life!

12 Jun 2015 – Nowadays it’s hard to keep moving with all that technology around us like mobile phones, tablets, computers, series offered by Netflix, SmartTV etc. It’s so easy to just sit down and play on the devices you have or to watch series all day. Teenagers and young adults are busy checking their mobile phone 24/7. There’s no more space to enjoy moving and it’s very important to move, so you can stay healthy. A way to get teenagers or young adults moving is introduce apps like Missile Wars that challenges them to get of their butt.

What is it?
The app Missile Wars you can download on your mobile phone on iOS or Android. It’s a game based on videogames, but than in real life on your screen. The app works with GPS and can track your location. You can play the game with friends and all of you are challenged to move, so there is no shame to run. The goal of this game is to fire rockets on each other and you should not be hit. When you gets hit, you’re dead. When you hit someone else, you win! The one with the highest score is the ultimate winner.

Why is it cool?
It’s so attractive to teenagers and young adults, because it’s a very high graphic game, but than in real life. You have a real mission. You have to run for your life to avoid those rockets fired at you by your friends. How funny! Fired by your friends, a way that’s also alluring, because the rockets that are fired at you are happening immediately, so you have to act directly. The game will be always different and won’t get bored quickly.

Trends – Togetherness & Inline
The app Missile Wars can be linked to more trends. First, the Quantified Self, because the app can save the data where you’ve been running, how much you’ve run (distance), where you’ve been shot and how long you were running (endurance!). It’s a challenge to get a better highscore and it’s a funny game to play. This app makes you move and can approve your health condition. More fun, more movement, is a more happy healthy life!

The app suits the trend togetherness, because you have to come together with friends to play this game. Inline, because the app can only be used on a digital device and with GPS, what’s online. When rockets are fired at friends, they have to avoid it or get hit in real life, that’s offline.

On the long term, this way of developing apps to get more fun out of moving is very positive for teenagers and young adults, because they are nowadays using their devices like 24/7. With apps like Missile Wars, there will be in the future more variations in apps that makes moving fun. More teenagers and young adults will be moving together outside.

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