The Youngsters

24 Sept 2015 – Where are all the hippies from the sixties and seventies? Those hippies don’t exists anymore. Wrong. There are still hippies, but they are all older now. This society calls, The Youngsters. The hipsters among the elderly.


When the world war 2 ended, there were a lot of babies made, also called, the babyboomers. When they became teenagers, they find peace and love by eachother, because they were missing the feeling of love. They all loved pop music, flowers and wanted happiness. It became one big subculture, called the Hippies. Now the hippies are in the 60. They are all getting older and are finding out how to grow old. The name of the subculture Hippies don’t fit anymore. We now call them The Youngsters, hipsters among the elderly.

The Youngsters are very various, who don’t wanted to be put in a category. They grew up in a world of subcultures and finding their own identity. Now the subcultures are not so strong and clear as before. The Youngsters all want to find out what their identity is now. They are full of life: active, eupeptic, but especially young of mind. They don’t like it to age. They all are finding a way to deal with it and to enjoy life.

youngsterss3 Matilde enjoying African music outside where people play djembe

Most aged people are waiting for the death. They feel weak and useless. Staring out of the window from the retirement home. Elsje, a Youngster says, she still feels like 16, but from the outside she has aged. She don’t understand how her body ages. She hate it to get wrinkles, how her hair turns grey, how her skin loses elasticity and get ugly. But she has to deal with it. Also Matilde agrees. She knows she’s getting closer to the end of life. They are all trying to make the best out of it. They don’t give up to live life. That is the shift from the former elderly and the new elderly.

youngstersssElsje with her husband Paul



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