Comocomo – use your fingers

22 Oct 2015 –

What is it?
It is a restaurant in Antwerp which sells Spanish and Basque tapas. Basque is from the Basque country. Where two countries are combined, France and Spain on the Atlantic Coast. The restaurant wants you to use your fingers instead of cutlery while eating tapas. And all the tapas is served on a moving band to your table.

Why is it cool?
Comocomo suits in the trend ‘authenticity’, because of their unique concept with the moving band. Restaurants with a moving band already exists with sushi, but not with tapas. They also sells different tapas from other tapas restaurant, because Comocomo serves original Basque tapas, what’s not Spanish. Beside their speciality in serving Basque tapas, they also sells usually Spanish tapas. That’s cool, because there is for everyone something to eat. For people who eats the standard tapas and for people who always wants to try out something new. Also for the people that knows Basque tapas and don’t want to make it their own, they can get it at Comocomo.

In the restaurant Comocomo, is the trend togetherness strong, because the moving band goes through long tables. You can’t sit romantically by two at one table. You have to share a table with strangers. And you have to communicate with the others, so you can choose the tapas you want.

Price range: +
Place: ♥♥♥
Interior: +++
Accessibility: ++

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