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26 March 2020 – Do you recognize you are more and more enjoying eating outside than at home? This calls fast casual, when people don’t have much time, but wants to eat great food in restaurants or café. Instead of cooking a great meal at home that will never be as good as in restaurants, which even take a lot of time and more money, we more and more prefer to eat outdoors.

Sadly, our traditional foodculture will disappear. We don’t know anymore how to make an apple pie by ourselves without googling the recipe. This makes cooking demotivating, while cooking is so much fun!

global chef 3

Dawid Dawod from Sweden designed a product, Global Chef, which visualises a hologram of a person on a plate. This plate uses a hologram technology and can pop up a hologram of a cooking interface, where you can choose your own master chef and recipe. You can join the master chef and the cook lesson will start with the master chef as an hologram. Family and friends can show their cooking skills too. It can be shown live, but the holograms can also be saved.

The plate is made of a glass which is easy to clean, because you can even use the Global Chef as a plate to put food on. In the glass surface are small holes with speaker and microphone built in, which make cooking more interactive by a master chef giving instructions. The holes in the glass are multifunctional, because they can cancel noise from frying pans or loud fans.

global chef 4

Because of the industrialization and urbanization, more people willing to make career instead of a family. There are a lot of single households and with the technology, family are always connected through the web, which makes distances between family and friends longer. This causes loneliness and cooking alone is no fun. When you are alone, it’s more attractive to eat unhealthy. Cooking will be more skipped in the daily life and there will be eaten more fast food or outdoors.

global chef 2

Trend & Future
This design fits in the trend The Open World; Collaboration, Empowerment and Sharing. Collaboration – the Global Chef has been shaped and created with help from experts within the sector of hologram technology. On Electrolux Design Lab, experts are giving feedback to Dawid Dawod and wishes him good luck with his concept.

Sharing – the master chefs aren’t keeping their cooking skills for themselves. The master chefs shares their recipes and process of cooking on this product. No more following instructions from a recipe book with many questions, but live from instructions. With this product, everyone can cook as master chefs and enjoys cooking and eating at home.

Empowerment – by creating the Global Chef, it all started with knowledge and power from other experts to make this product happen. After that, when the product has been created, there is still knowledge and power by sharing cooking skills. Amateurs chefs can earn more power with learning from the Global Chef and people from other cultures. With more knowledge and gained power, there’s no need for any distrust in how meals will comes out and people will explore new culture food.

Cooking will be more fun again and the unhealthy lifestyle will be the past. No more cooking alone and the delicious recipe will be succeed at home too!

Source: https://www.franchisehelp.com/industry-reports/fast-casual-industry-report/http://electroluxdesignlab.com/en/submission/global-chef


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